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Pomeranians are amazing dogs who capture your heart as soon as you meet them :))  We believe all dogs are miracles  but Pomeranian dog  is just a joy forever.
 Devon Rex cats is another passion we have here as well as some rescued pets and Bird. So people who visit us - meet our small Paradise  where all animals live in PEACE with respect and love.
We work hard  on quality and personality of our dogs and we believe we made some success  with it :)) Our dogs are full of joy, not shy or timid, very smart and healthy. And yes we are proud of our dogs and cats :) 

We located on south of Ontario near to Brantford on beautiful Brant aria in CANADA.  We raise our pets in our home that is in a pristine location with 25 acres of fenced land and we glad to work with our great handlers,  one of them is DeeDee Marchildon who made a great  job for us and our dogs. You can see it below.

Alexandrof Bomb of Attraction - Best puppy in Group and Best puppy in a  Nickel District Kennel Club 2013 Spring Show. Bombi is 3 and half month old here. Handler   Deedee Marchildon 
We appreciate her beautiful work.
below  we posted few pictures of our white puppies available from time to time

 Alexandroff Pomeranians specialize in White, Red, Orange, Cream, Sable, Black and Cream Sable colors. We are not a Kennel, rather we are a home breeder with all our dogs living with us in our big home. They have much freedom and enjoy being with us on a daily basis. They are our family and all puppies are trained and socialized daily. We show our dogs and love them. We appreciate all the help we have received from great breeders who trusted us with their precious puppies in which we started from.  Bavanew, Damascusroad, Jolvin, Pinecrest, Pomland, Winterhaven, BabyDoll Poms, Finch, Shanerpoms, Furrycreek and Showins. We started from 1999 with beautiful dogs and we are blessed to have this great trust from such a wonderful breeders who let us be part of Poms World.   
    Poms World is not easy sometimes and demands devotion, smart selection and much work from people who involved. We found many nice people who became our friends in this POM world.  
We breed DEVON REX  Cats  you can see some of them here and our breeding group on Devon Rex page 
 we have no many DR cats, just a few but they say about themselves by their quality .

 and also blessed with great start.
We got a beautiful DR cats from Astralkats (USA), Photofaces (USA), Raya(CANADA), Texlapkatz (USA), Meikai  (USA) and blessed having very nice cats here. Thanks to Terri O'Shea, Yvette Huot, Dianne Ritchi, Douglas Schmidt- all this great breeders
helped me with foundation of my breeding program. We are small Cattery and have only few cats but we proud of all of them. You can contact us to email  or use Contact Page and type all requested info there. Thanks for visiting our website.

All cats you see below 2 were born in our Alexandroff Cattery and  we proud of them
Some more pictures of our White Pomeranian dogs and puppies 
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